Nicholas Mann

Nicholas Mann is a Chen Style Tai Chi practitioner and instructor who lives in Guelph Ontario. His exposure to Tai Chi over the past four years has been comprehensive as well as thorough. Since beginning formal Tai Chi instruction in Victoria in 2006, Nicholas has been to China twice, both times to participate in three month long residential training courses offered at the Daqingshan Mountain Resort.

These courses were instructed by Nicholas’ current teacher Master Chen Zhonghua. Chen Zhonghua is the International Standard Bearer of the Hong Junsheng Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method System. During these courses Nicholas was given certification of completion of the full time instruction course offered by Master Chen Zhonghua.  Along with his current classes in Guelph, Nicholas is also continuing to learn from Master Chen Zhonghua at workshops held in Toronto tri-yearly.

Growing up Nicholas was always involved in sports and martial arts. He wrestled throughout high school and during this time Nicholas won a place on team Ontario and a trip to the National Jr. Wrestling Championships and he also won a Silver Medal at the Ontario winter games.  During university Nicholas trained in Boxing and Mui Tai Boxing before settling down with Wing-Chun Kung Fu. Nicholas learned Wing- Chun for two year from Sifu Robert Gould before completing his Philosophy Degree and moving to Victoria, BC where he was introduced to Tai Chi and his current teacher Master Chen Zhonghua.

Nicholas was recently featured in an interview with At Guelph, a publication managed by the department of Communications & Public Affairs at the University of Guelph.