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I gave an impromptu Toastmasters speech yesterday about “Why Celebrate Labor Day?” For me the fall has always been an exciting time. Probably because as I was growing, up going back to school meant new classes, new teachers, new learning, and of course the same girls.

This fall I’ll be continuing to teach two public Tai Chi classes in Guelph. ACP Rehab will be holding a fall session on Wednesday’s from 6:30-7:30pm starting today September 8th. Tuesdays and Thursdays we are still meeting outside on the Johnson Green at the University of Guelph. Starting Tuesday Sept 28th these classes will be moving to Jade Dragon Martial Arts Academy. There will be  a foundations class from 6:30- 7:30pm and a form class from 7:30-8:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I’ll also be starting two new Tai Chi classes in different locations in Guelph. I’m going to teach at the YMCA in Guelph two mornings a week. This should work out great as I’ll receive a membership for the YMCA so I can plan doing my own daily training there in the mornings.  I’m not sure which days I’ll have the classes yet but I’m thinking any two days of the week as long as neither of them are Friday.

The other class is going to be a class for teachers at St. James High School in Guelph. I’ve been asked to teach Tai Chi classes after school on Wednesdays to a group of teachers from the school. I’m looking forward to this time slot as I don’t have any other classes at this time and I am usually looking for things to do besides reading books and drinking coffee in the afternoons. I start there next week with an introductory class followed by an 8 week session. It will be great to help some teachers unwind after their days and I’ll even be able to teach them some Tai Chi over the 8 weeks.

The Homewood Tai Chi classes will be starting up again starting next week also. The turn out for our first session over the summer was surprising. Although people were taking holidays we still had 9 people sign up for at least some of the classes. The fall session will be an opportunity for those that may have put it off because they were going on holidays to get involved and learn some Tai Chi over their lunch hours.

All this and still finding time for myself to join a Toastmasters club (I want to become an engaging public speaker and overall better communicator), continue to take Mandarin classes at the University of Guelph, continue to guide lunchtime meditations at Kalpa Bhadra, and host my Hip Hop Karaoke night at Van Gogh’s ear will be fun for sure. I meant it during my speech yesterday when I told them that I love the fall. I love the new beginnings and I love the excitement that comes with working out a new schedule and seeing how much fun I can squeeze into one season.

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