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So going into the summer I have three different classes (as well as a potential morning class) going.  They are the evening classes that are open to everyone on Johnson Green, the Wednesday evening classes that are offered through ACP Rehab, and the lunchtime classes for the Steelworkers members at the University of Guelph.

The variation in the classes I’ll be teaching will be interesting. I have different groups with different needs and expectations. Although I can only teach what I’ve been taught, as I’ve been taught (Chen Style Tai Chi), I’ll be gearing each class to the needs of the group members and therefore giving the students time to train different features of Chen Style Tai Chi.  There are many aspects we can train of course and this includes  classes focused on stretching, classes focused on focusing,  classes focused on the foundation exercises, classes focused on the forms Yilu an Erlu, and hopefully classes focused on push hands patterns and free pushing.

I’m also been pleasantly surprised that there have been several people contact me about a possible morning Tai Chi class. Although nothing has yet been confirmed, I’m willing to teach a morning class as long as a suitable location is found.  I can teach it in my back yard for all I care, but I know there are potential problems with weather when using an outdoor location. I would like to find somewhere as I love training in the morning and hope that by teaching others in the morning; to have some people in good shape for the rest of their days after a morning class.  I find that training in the morning makes it easier for me to keep my mind on my posture and movement throughout the day. Tai Chi practice does not have to stop after a training/class session and morning training helps me start my day off by placing my attention on my movement.

In order to deepen my understanding of Tai Chi I’m looking to form a push hands group with not only my classmates but people from other styles and schools from around town. That is the great thing about living in Guelph Ontario, people are friendly and open and I find that really makes life easier. Earlier on in the year I was able to push with James Coons another Guelph Tai Chi enthusiast and I found it very beneficial. Not only was I able to train my own style but I was able to learn a lot about other styles. Although different styles may look and seem different the theory stays the same.  I’m looking forward to getting a group going for the benefit of everyone involved in Tai Chi in and around Guelph.

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