Practical Tai Chi teaches Chen Style Tai Chi of the Hong Junsheng Practical Method lineage. This style is excellent for both building and maintaining people’s health and also for martial arts applications.

The Practical Method of Chen Style Tai Chi can be traced back directly to the man famous for introducing Chen Tai Chi to the public in Beijing in the 1920’s, Chen Fake. Chen Fake was born in 1887 in Chenjiagou Village. His great grandfather was Chen Changxing, the man famous for teaching Tai Chi to Yang Lu Chan.

The name Practical Method comes from the name of a book that Hong Junsheng published, Chen Shi Taijiquan Shiyong Quanfa (Practical Chen Style Taijiquan). Hong Junsheng was born in Yuxian County, Henan Province. He lived until he was 81 years old and passed away on January 23, 1996 in Jinan, China. Along with his master Liu Musan and his fellow students, Hong became a student of Chen Fake’s in 1930. Hong learned from Chen Fake for a total of 15 years and during that time he learned the entire curriculum of Chen Tai Chi. In 1956, Hong returned to Beijing to get further corrections from Chen Fake. Hong’s Chen Style Tai Chi was known it’s rounded, spiralling movements.

Hong’s 15 consecutive years of training with Chen Fake is the longest period of training of any of Chen Fake’s students. It is because of this that Hong Junsheng was, and is, considered to be the best source of Chen Fake’s teachings. Hong was aware that Tai Chi needed to be kept as a traditional art form, but he was also aware that he was teaching this ancient art form in a modern world.  It is because of this that Hong used common and practical terminology in all his teachings. By doing this Hong was able to avoid giving confusing ambiguous descriptions of Tai Chi movements and theories.

The Practical Method was taught to Nicholas Mann by Master Chen Zhonghua. Chen Zhonghua began learning from Hong in 1979 while he was attending University in Jinan, Shandong, China. In 2004 Chen Zhonghua was given the status of International Standard Bearer of the Hong Junsheng Practical Method Chen Style Tai Chi System. This status was given to him by members of Hong’s family and other students of the Practical Method System during a ceremony in Jinan. Chen Zhonghua is currently teaching Tai Chi workshops all over the world in locations including Canada, USA, Holland, Italy, China, Ireland, Puerto Rico, Finland, and the Czech Republic.

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