“Our participants enjoyed Nick’s style.  His classes were comfortable, non-threatening and relaxing. Comments to participants were always encouraging”

Marti Sharpe
Recreation Therapy Manager
Homewood Health Center

“I recently had Nicholas Mann give a presentation at one of my events. He was a huge hit because of his knowledge, patience, skill, relaxed style and warm demeanor. I was really impressed with his ability to adjust his teaching to suit the capability of the group and to explain clearly what each move was about and why it was important. Thank you Nick for making our first Tai Chi experience such a great one, and inspiring us to keep on with the practice.”

Robin Smart
Education Coordinator
Alzheimer Society Guelph-Wellington

“Nicholas, Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and expertise in Tai Chi. you are very patient and I greatly appreciate your generous gift of time”

Pamela Dunk

“Being a long-time martial artist cognizant of the local schools, Nick is adding an important contribution to our martial arts community. Having met his teacher, Master Chen Zhonghua, an entirely new dimension to Tai Chi, and martial arts in general, has shone upon me.

Atypical to most teaching styles, the transmission of knowledge from teacher to student, within the Practical Method, is not only verbal but entirely interactive with the teacher; you inherit a point of reference for body mechanics predominantly through the teacher. Seeing becomes reality when feeling is believing.
Nick has had the good fortune to train in this manner through an authentic Chen Style lineage bearer. I am privileged to have met Nick and train under him; he has a lot to offer the general enthusiast to seasoned martial artist and you can only gain this full appreciation until meeting him.”

Allan Haddad – Kitchener, Ont.

“I’ve been interested in learning tai chi for a while and in the past I’ve tried different forms of tai chi but I didn’t get the feel for it.  I decided to try Chen Style Tai chi which is new to me I found it to be way better than I expected. Not only is it a good form of exercise but the way Nicholas Mann teaches it, is easy to understand.  He is very patient and shows empathy towards my inexperience.

I have now found the form I feel most comfortable practicing and I go to this class twice a week and I have done so for the past two months.  In this time I have also lost almost 20lb (Ashley really did loose 20lb in two months) and feel great about the new skills I have acquired!”

Ashley Darby – Guelph Ont.

Nicholas Mann is in my opinion the most skilled tai chi chuan teacher in Guelph. In my decade of martial arts practice, with eight of those being dedicated to tai chi and the internal arts, I have met many tai chi chuan teachers of a high standard. The main thing that they share in common is their ability to explain their arts in very fine detail and precision. Mr.Mann is certainly a member of the finer class of tai chi chuan teachers and is more than equipped to guide students through the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of tai chi chuan training. If you are new to tai chi chuan, or have been practicing for many years, you will always be able to find new understanding and achieve new vistas of skill under Mr.Mann’s expert supervision. I have watched new students with no tai chi chuan experience come to his class and become proficient in basics, forms, and push hands within a very short time. The Chen style practical method is one of the most famous tai chi styles in China and is coming to recognition in the rest of the world. Mr.Mann has studied with the top North American representative of the style, master Chen Zhonghua, and received the real tai chi chuan teachings. He has worked very hard and thought deeply about the meanings and principles of tai chi chuan. It is my pleasure to know Mr.Mann and to recommend him as one of the premier tai chi chuan instructors in our area.” -

James Coons, internal martial arts teacher – Guelph Ontario.

“Just by teaching Tai Chi you have made a made a difference. Thanks!”

Jackie McLarnon
Supervisor of Fitness
YMCA of Guelph

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